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Deck Staining

someone staining the wood deck

Around here in Babylon, if you leave a deck to its fate without offering up any type of maintenance help it can go from a decent area that can have a practical use for a homeowner to almost looking like it was abandoned 100 years ago in a matter of one or two years. We understand that many people forgo maintenance because they feel it’s too expensive and not worth the trouble. We want to help change that narrative. While keeping a lot of these deck areas still serviceable. Certainly “regular” staining services are a great way to be able to achieve that.

Pressure Washing
Certainly, pressure washing can be a great tool in deck maintenance. Some folks don’t love the idea of putting a lot of water on a wooden surface. The thing is if your wooden deck can’t handle a pressure washing procedure it won’t hold up well to the precipitation that it’s going to be getting in Babylon. Therefore, we feel that pressure washing certainly can help. Particularly so we are not using restaining as the only form of maintenance.

The Right Stain For The Type of Surface
As with paint stains also come in different viscosities and there are different things that you’d probably want to consider before pulling the trigger and hitting buy on any product. We first need to figure out exactly what type of wood or wood hybrid your deck is made from and what its current condition is. From there, we’ll not only be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to picking the stain. We’ll also be able to determine what type of procedure is going to work best to be able to get the perfect looking deck.

How Often Should I Stain The Surface?
This is going to depend on the age of the deck and frankly the level of wear that it’s going through on a yearly basis. Two or three years is pretty much the industry-accepted time frame. As with any time frame that you can find it’s something that you should be living by. Also, providing different types of maintenance to the surface like the aforementioned pressure washing procedures can help extend the lifespan or the need for restaining or any other type of major procedure.

How Often Does It Need Some Type of Maintenance?
We would say that at the low end of the spectrum you should be thinking about pressure washing at the very least every six months. That’s really if you are providing regular cleaning to the area on your own as well. The pressure washing procedures could be amped up to maybe every 2 or 3 months if you don’t want to have the need to wash the surface at all. When we do wash your deck we’re also going to be looking for any loose rails or planks that maybe could give you some trouble down the line. That way you can get an idea of what the real condition of the surface might be.