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Interior Painting

man painting the ceiling

Painting interiors is a process that we can carry out rather easily when we are able to take care of all of the little details. We need to make sure that we chose the right type of paint, we need to ensure that we remove or cover up anything that we don’t want paint on. There are plenty of benefits to getting professional help on interior painting services. Even if the area that you are looking to paint seems rather small. Here a couple of things that we account for in our interior painting services here in Babylon.

What Type of Paint Works Best?
This is really going to depend on the type of surface that we are working on. A lot of times people who try their own hand at painting their interiors go out and buy a bunch of buckets of paint and want to apply it to multiple rooms. Yet you could be dealing with regular drywall, and then stucco in certain areas, plaster, and just a ton of other options. We may not be able to use the same type of paint everywhere. That’s certainly one of the first things to account for.

Prepping The Area
Certainly one of the most important aspects of interior painting is making sure that you don’t get paint on furniture, floors, or just anything that you are not supposed to be getting paint on. Part of our prep work is making sure that we remove the items that we can remove from the room before we start painting. Then really not taking any type of chance and wrapping everything up well to make sure that we don’t get paint on floors or maybe even other items that we were not able to move.

Working On A Set Schedule
We feel that our work schedule is something that is super important for interior paint jobs because we want to make sure we are not a constant disturbance both in homes and businesses. For example, in homes, we want to talk about things like what order you want us to paint maybe multiple rooms. Also if you only want us to work certain days or hours we can work those things out. Even if you want us to work pretty much full time for a couple of days so that we get the job done quickly. 

How Often Should I Repaint?
Certainly, interior paint jobs can last a lot longer than outdoor paint jobs just based on the fact that they are not going to be tested against the elements. We’ve seen interior paint jobs last the better part of 10 years. The way that we see it, interior paint jobs actually last until they bore you or you just need a little bit more of a spark. If you are seeing cracks in plaster walls that’s not necessarily a paint issue. Still, of course, if there are issues within the walls that you need to repair, repainting usually comes along with that.