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Plastering Repair

contractor plastering the wall

There are certainly multiple benefits to essentially be had if you go with a plaster wall over some of the regular drywalls that you can see in other homes. Here in Babylon, the added insulation that these types of walls bring to the table can really benefit homeowners. You are going to tend to have a cozier home in the winter months and that could mean having to spend less money powering up the furnace. Yet, if the plaster is not done right you can end up with some pretty lackluster results. That’s exactly what we want to avoid. 

Plaster Wall Issues
It’s pretty simple to spot plaster wall issues, it’s pretty much going to be a crack or a bulge. When things get really bad the whole wall is literally going to be crumbling in your hands. A lot of times though what happens is that people end up just overlooking these issues. By the time that you go to address them you find that there are more than you recognized at first. We would just recommend that you keep an eye on your walls and get them checked out on a relatively “regular” basis. 

How We Repair
The repair process for these types of walls is actually pretty straightforward. For the most part, what we are going to want to do is scrape off the entirety of the damaged area. This is an important process because what we don’t want to do is put in just a large paste and then try and repaint over that. You really need to scrape off as much as you can. To then bring in that paste and be able to smoothen everything out and create an even surface. Once we’ve been able to do that effectively we can think about repainting. 

Overall Drywall Repair
It’s not only plaster walls that we are going to be able to repair. Drywall repairs follow a similar process to the one that we apply to plaster walls. Obviously, the extent of the damage is going to determine how we repair it. With drywall, if we are talking about a small we can just literally fill it up without needing to bust it open. Another important factor though is dealing with the actual source of the problem. If you have moisture issues and that’s why it seems like the plaster is peeling off or the drywall has a bulge the repair process is certainly going to vary. 

Giving It The Final Touch
With any repair job that we do we ultimately have to end up repairing the wall to finish things up. Therefore, we feel it’s a great opportunity for some people when they have certain issues in their walls. We can help you address them and then we can start talking about how to upgrade the look and feel of the area. Sure, you may say I’d rather not have any type of problem. We could agree, but if you have a problem you can turn it into an opportunity.