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Wallpaper Removal

woman removing the wallpaper

We don’t want to debate whether or not wallpaper is still a type of finish that you should be looking into. Over the years we’ve seen some modern looks that can be achieved this way, so certainly it’s not something that we would rule out. When removing wallpaper you have to be very aware of the potential damages that you could cause to the wall if you don’t do it right. Time and time again we’ve been asked to come in and help folks that have tried and failed to remove their own wallpaper. If you’re just not confident in your own abilities give us a call before you try anything out.

The Process of Wallpaper Removal
One of the first mistakes that people make when trying to remove wallpaper is to just get in start trying to peel it off like it was an old sticker. Even if you do that with an old sticker you run the risk of leaving some of the residues. We want to make sure that we clean off the entire area. From there we’ll decide if we are going to steam the wallpaper to make it easier to remove. It depends on the type of wallpaper and its current condition. 

When You Should Be Thinking About Removal
Is there a time that you should look into removal? Ultimately there are going to be two instances where we would feel it’s a good idea to look into removal. If you’re seeing bulges and things of that nature appear that could be a moisture issue that has to be dealt with. Certainly, moisture issues are some of the main concerns with wallpaper. The other instance is really if the look feels old and outdated. Colors can begin to fade and ultimately things just won’t look the same.

All Sorts of Repairs
A lot of times when we remove wallpaper we expose a lot of troubles in the original surface that the wallpaper could have been covering up. It’s not uncommon to find signs of molding, hence what we talked about where moisture is one of the main villains that you need to worry about. When we remove wallpaper no matter what the circumstances are we typically want to take a good look at the wall and address anything that we may find even remotely suspicious before we move on to repainting or doing whatever else that you may want to have us do. 

Installing New Wall Paper
Do you want to remove the existing wall paper to be able to put in a new one? As we mentioned we are not against the use of wallpaper. We do feel that it can still have plenty of practical use opportunities. If you want help putting in new wallpaper we can help you through the whole process that we’ve described. We’ll remove the existing wallpaper effectively. Then check for any type of imperfection on the wall that could give you some trouble. Finally, we’ll put in the new wallpaper.